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Roam Free : Your Guide to Travel Friendly Fashion

Picture this, you've spent months planning a holiday away; written lists, packed and repacked, researched all the best places to eat and all the possible photo opportunities. You finally arrive at your destination, and you're heading out to take in all the scenery and let your soul roam - but disaster strikes... you open up your suitcase and everything you've packed is crushed and crinkled!! Since ironing should never ever be something in your itinerary, we are so excited to share with you some gorgeous travel-friendly pieces that are oh-so-clever and ready to roam!

Endless horizons with boho bird

There's no surprise that our exclusive label boho bird, the home of bohemian style, has some seriously smart travel pieces to sooth your wandering heart. The crinkle-free fabric allows you to get changed and go, no matter how hasty you were when tossing them into your bag (guilty). In boho bird's travel collection you can also expect endless versatility - allowing you to get more looks out of the one piece and save that extra room in your luggage for your shopping (guilty again). Check out our video to see just how versatile and free these pieces are!

The Wanderer In Me Travel Set

The Wanderer in Me Travel Set is a top and dress combination in a crush free jersey and is available in two colours - making it the key for unstoppable travel style.

Shop The Wanderer In Me Travel Set here.

Shop The Wanderer In Me Travel Set here.

I have now bought ALL the Wanderer In Me pieces because they are cut so well, are so comfortable, and of course, are great for traveling. The top in this set is a revelation - it drapes in such a flattering way and is so elegant.
~ Alison - Customer Review

The Wanderer In Me Travel Skirt

Also available in two colours, the Wanderer In Me Travel Skirt is great for all you birds who love to soar. With a super soft feel and thick and comfy waistband you will simply not want to take it off!

Shop the Wanderer In Me Travel Skirt here.

So comfy and very flattering - will be taking this on my next holiday.
~ Irene - Customer Review

Flying free with bird by design

For those of you who travel a lot for work - we know how hard it can be to keep up your corporate style while remaining comfortable and crease-free! These two pieces from bird by design allow you to travel with confidence and with the reversible neckline in the cowl neck top you can get two outfits in one (winning)!

Shop The Reversible Cowl Neck Top here

Shop The Printed Travel Pant here

It was love at first sight with these ! Fabric falls beautifully, does not crush and is so so comfortable to wear. The length is good, and the waistline sits beautifully. These are probably my favourite go to pants I have in my wardrobe!!!
~ Sandy - Customer Review on The Printed Travel Pant

Roam ready with bird keepers

There's no denying crinkle free styles are fantastic for traveling - but let's not forget about the importance of comfort! Delays, bad weather, cramped seating are all (unfortunately) a part of travel that you can not control - your clothes however, that's up to you! With our exclusive label, bird keepers, taking charge of your comfort when traveling is as simple as throwing on a gorgeous dress!

Shop the travel ready Tie Sleeve Pocket Dress by bird keepers here.

Love the feel of this dress and the colour, will be great for travel. Very comfortable and easy to relax in....
~ Suzanne - Customer Review of The Tie Sleeve Pocket Dress

If you're a travel nut or simply hate ironing, crush-free pieces are so great to have around and very handy for holidays! What are you waiting for?!

Love, the birdsnest girls x

UPDATED: This article was first published on 25th February 2020