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Autumn Falls With New Season Styles From boho bird

The Final Frontier

New season styles from in-house label, boho bird, have landed in the 'nest' and our hearts have skipped a beat. The collection offers a gorgeous colour palette featuring earthy tones, stunning floral prints and intricate design detail that reminds us why we love this label OH SO MUCH.

Creative director, Peige Eber, was inspired by the amazing pioneer women that settled on the Monaro region in NSW - They were brave, fearless, hardworking and fun loving… and continue to be today.

Keeping the home fires burning while working the land and at the same time, raising families, and all in an extremely harsh climate. Dry hot summers, facing droughts, and long bitterly cold winters.

In line with this inspiration, the collection named The Final Frontier, was shot right here in birdsnest's backyard on the beautiful plains of the Monaro.

The unique landscape with rolling hills, shallow valleys and large granite boulders is unmistakable. Picturesque far horizons and swaying grassland proved to be the perfect backdrop to bring the collection to life.

Watch the campaign video above to join us on the Monaro, with music from Golden Guitar nominated band - Montgomery Church.

I love the way the clothes sat within the beauty of the landscape. Extreme in contrast and in my eyes, one of the most beautiful places on earth.
~ Peige

Cover Up Slouch Cardi || $89.95 || Available in size S - XXL || Shop here.


Full Moon Rising Maxi || $139.95 || Available in 8-22 || Shop here.

Follow The Path Wide Leg Pants || $119.95 || Available in 8-22 || Shop here.

Floating By You Blouse || $109.95 || Available in 8-22 || Shop here.


Snug As A Bug Jumper || $119.95 || Available in 8-22 || COMING SOON

Rising Mist Jumper || $99.95 || Available in S-XXL || Shop here.

Skipping Stones Tunic || $99.95 || Available in 8-22 || Shop here.


Heart Song Embroidered Jacket || $289.95 || Available in 8-22 || Shop here.

Just Chillin Stretch Dropped Crotch Jeans || $99.95 || Available in 8-22 || Shop here.

I Love You Overall Dress || $129.95 || Available in 8-22 || Shop here.

UPDATED: This article was first published on 20th March 2019