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Celebrating our birdsnest Mums

At birdsnest, we consider ourselves very lucky to work amongst a team of men and women who feel like family. For some however, the family part is a bit more literal 🤣

We have plenty of mother daughter duo's in the nest and thought there was no better way to celebrate all the amazing mums out there than with some adorable mother-daughter happy snaps!

Whether you're a mum, a god mum, a work mum (shout out Sandy + Mel), a plant mum, a soon to be mum or just the mum in your friendship group - you are special and deserve to be celebrated!

Jane & Robbie

Mother Daughter Jane & Robbie

"I love that she loves me despite all my imperfections, especially as a daughter, luckily she has two! And Mum is actually pretty funny….just track down some of her underwear descriptions on birdsnest to see her quirky sense of humour - aka Minnie!" - Jane on what she loves about her Mum Robbie.

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Carolyn & Bronte

Mother Daughter Carolyn & Bronte

"I love the hugs, creating lifelong memories, watching them grow into beautiful humans and thinking to myself what a privilege it is to be a mum and how lucky I am!!" - Carolyn on what she loves about being a Mum.

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Kathy & Beth

Mother Daughter and Grandchild Number Two, Kathy & Beth & Bump

"It's so nice to see mum in the corridors and have her share in what I do. I was hoping for a few more home packed lunches though..." - Beth on working with her Mum Kathy.

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Debbie & Sammy

Mother Daughter and Grandchild Number One, Debbie & Sammy & Bump

"I love how she doesn't take life too seriously! Even when she tries to be serious, she has never been any good at it! I can't wait for her to share that fun-loving nature with her new grandbaby :)" - Sammy on what she loves about her Mum Debbie.

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Sandy & Mel

Work Mum and Work Daughter Sandy & Mel

"Well I think it's a mutual love for each other that has evolved over the last 5 years. We respect each other and it's always fun when Mel is around, it puts a skip in my step on my way into work when I know we are working together" - Sandy on being Mel's 'work mum'.

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Love, the birdsnest girls x

UPDATED: This article was first published on 7th May 2021