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Natural For Birds: See You At Sundown

See You At Sundown

The highly anticipated autumn collection from Natural for birds has landed and we are so excited to share it with you.

Each style is made to the highest quality from soft, 100% natural fibres that are perfect for your cool weather wardrobe.

When you purchase a piece from Natural for birds you are investing in a long lasting style that is both sophisticated and timeless.

The collection, See You At Sundown, offers soft pinks and classic grey tones with some pieces featuring intricate pattern detail.

It's a fine assemblage of knitwear made from Australian fine merino wool, cashmere and cotton all exclusive to us at birdsnest.

Meet The Styles

Natural for birds is made for women who want quality clothing that feels just as beautiful to wear, as it does to look at. The styles are soft, and comfortable feeling great against the skin.
~ Designer, Hannah Knight
Natural fibres are real, just like the bodies that they cover! The garments are quality and connect me with the land and where they come from every time I wear them.
~ Model, Charlotte Thaarup-Owen

The Campaign

Press play and watch the video above to see the stunning styles on location at "Gunningrah Hut" on the Monaro plains. Owned by the Maslin family, the property has a hidden man made hut that is nestled amongst the gum trees next to a gorgeous water hole. The natural landscape provided the perfect backdrop to bring this gorgeous collection to life.

The campaign model is dear friend of birdsnest, mindfulness teacher and model Charlotte Thaarup-Owen. Charlotte and Natural for birds is truly a perfect match. Her natural presence can be seen throughout the campaign where Andreas, birdnest's photographer and Charlotte's son, has captured her connection to nature, her grace and her sense of fun.

Charlotte and Andreas behind the scenes on the shoot.

Natural for birds

See You At Sundown Collection


Love, Tahlia and the birdsnest girls x

Location: "Gunningrah Hut", Snowy Mountains NSW
Model: Charlotte Thaarup Owen
Photographer: Andreas Proesser
Videography: Dan Swain
Design & Styling: birdsnest

UPDATED: This article was first published on 6th March 2019