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What To Wear To A Wedding

Celebrating a wedding is a truly special event. Whether you're attending as a close friend, family member, or a plus one, it's important that you feel comfortable and that you're dressed for the occasion. Having on the right outfit will help you feel good and add to the magic of the couple's unforgettable day. 

Traditionally, female wedding guests wear dresses, and male guests wear suits. To avoid any potential mix-ups with the bride or groom, it's suggested that your choice of dress is not white and a man's selection of suit is not black. Alongside this 'general rule,' there are many other factors to consider, such as the time of year, the wedding venue, the time of day, as well as your personal taste, and body shape. 

With all this mind, choosing what to wear to a wedding can quickly go from being exciting to extremely overwhelming. To help your shopping experience be as easy and enjoyable as possible, we've compiled an ultimate guide below that offers outfit ideas for all sorts of weddings. So, regardless if you're attending a beach wedding in summer or a formal church wedding in autumn, you're sure to find something that's perfect for you!

Why People Dress Up for Weddings

As we all know, a wedding is a symbol of love and commitment between two people. Attending a wedding, therefore, provides the opportunity for you to celebrate this remarkable moment with the couple. Because of this significance, it makes sense that guests should wear something formal or an outfit that is suitable for a particular theme or wedding venue. 

Plus, wearing an outfit that makes you feel good will also likely mean more time on the dance floor!

How to Decide What to Wear to A Wedding

Deciding what to wear to a wedding has become a somewhat overwhelming task. With so many dress code restrictions to keep up with, it can sometimes be hard to find an outfit that is just right for you, and the event. Sometimes you just want to leave it up to the experts.. and, that's where we come in! It’s our mission to help women find their perfect match, that perfect outfit that not only looks incredible on, but makes you feel just as special on the inside.

Our ‘Style Me’ shopping feature can help you create looks for specific occasions, including weddings. So, what better way to start your outfit hunt than by looking at our thoughtfully curated Wedding Outfits Collection! From a Sleek Slip to a Dance All Night Maxi Dress, there’s certainly a winning look waiting for you!

What to Wear to A Wedding

Staying close to home (but yes, international friends we ship to you too!), let's look at some outfit ideas for Australian weddings. Keeping in mind that temperatures fluctuate throughout the year, it’s often best to purchase pieces that will be versatile during the different seasons. 

Staple items that usually provide this flexibility include maxi dresses, jumpsuits, blouses, and skirts. These pieces, combined with the right layer combination (such as a coat or blazer) and some fabulous jewellery and shoes, will have you looking wedding-ready all-year-round. 

To see how these versatile items can be styled for an Australian wedding, check out the seasonal looks below!

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

With the average Australian winter temperature sitting at around 17 degrees celsius, you’ll want to have enough warmth while still looking stylish and elegant. Our MOONLIGHT BIRD Michaela Jumpsuit allows for just that. This comfortable pine green piece offers great coverage while being fashionable and oh-so chic. 

The Vision In Green outfit

To complete this ‘Vision in Green look’, add our Nude MOLLINI Gessie Heel, a LOUENHIDE Gigi Bag in blush pink, and the always reliable gold and pearl combo of the GREENWOOD DESIGN Pearl Drop Earrings and JOLIE & DEEN Jolie Ring

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

As temperatures start to warm, it’s time to turn up the brightness. To do so elegantly, our BELLE BIRD Belle Bouquet Kimono Dress offers an ideal blend of vibrancy, romance and sophistication.

The Belle Bouquet Outfit

The “Belle Bouquet” look can be finished with our DJANGO & JULIETTE Taviant Leather Heel, a ARLINGTON MILNE Isabella Leather Tote, the ISLE & TRIBE Caprioska Tassel Earrings, and a LUK BEAUTIFFOD Cherry Plum Lip Nourish.

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

With summer temperatures typically nearing 30 degrees celsius, you’ll most likely want to free up the legs and arms. As a result, our cheerful MOONLIGHT BIRD Shuana Dress is a top choice during these warmer months. Its sleeveless design with a soft overlay allows for just the right amount of skin to cool off in a classy fashion. It also comes in black, but we love the pop of colour for summer!

The Teal Dreams outfit

This ‘Teal Dreams’ style can be completed with our nude MOLLINI Gessie Heel paired with classic pearl accessories like the JOLIE & DEAN Isabella Pearl Hoops, and the EB & IVE Dynasty Cuff.

What to Wear to an Autumn Wedding

As Autumn puts the chill back in the air, it doesn’t mean you can’t show off those gorgeous legs! If you’re still up for a bit of skin, our stunning blue THAT BIRD LABEL Emma Fit And Flare Dress is just the right length, with its exclusive sparrow print falling perfectly just below the knees.

The Vintage Elegance Outfit

To finish this ‘Vintage Elegance’ look, you can pair the dress with our BIRD BY DESIGN The Drape Cardi in port, the MOLLINI Rango Heel, and add a pop of colour with the ARLINGTON MILNE Paige Leather Clutch and some ISLE & TRIBE Silver Caprioska Tassel Earrings.

Gorgeous Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

While jumpsuits and skirts are great options to wear to a wedding, there’s no denying that dresses continue to be the most popular choice. So, let’s take a look at possible dresses you could wear to this special event at different times of the year.

Gorgeous Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding

With cooler nights and gloomier weather, wintertime typically means wearing darker colours such as emerald green or navy. The chiller temperatures also create a widespread desire for long sleeves and maxi lengths.

With this in mind, our MOONLIGHT BIRD Nadine Dress is a perfect choice. It’s maxi length, self waist tie, 3/4 sleeves, and smooth stretch fabric are all much needed at this time of year. Plus, it’s hard to say no to the classic navy and incredibly flattering silhouette that make the design truly stand out!

Now, for the ladies that prefer a more fitted style, the MOONLIGHT BIRD Sophie Dress is for you! In a stunning emerald and flattering cut, it will allow you to turn heads without stealing anyone’s shine. 

You can finish off either look with the MOONLIGHT BIRD Roxanne Coat and a pair of MOLLINI Raems Suede Leather Heel in black, nude, or red.

Gorgeous Dresses to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Well, good news, our flowy BOHO BIRD Boardwalk Stroll Dress simply radiates joyful spring vibes! With its midi length, bell style sleeves, and blooming floral design, it’s hard to fault at this time of year.

Another fantastic option for a spring wedding look is our BIRD BY DESIGN The Pleated Cotton Stretch Dress. The fit and flare style creates a flattering and comfortable fit.

A lightweight cover up is always handy when spring weather can be a bit unpredictable. Both dresses would look incredible when paired with the BIRD KEEPERS The Summer Shrug.

Gorgeous Dresses to Wear to a Summer Wedding 

Summertime heat means lightweight fabrics and vibrant colours. Whether that’s pink, citrus, blue, or green, we have plenty of eye-catching shades to choose from. You can make your search as easy as possible with our colour filter options when browsing for looks.

If you filtered looking for pink styles, this stunning, feminine MOONLIGHT BIRD Prue Dress would appear amongst many other gorgeous pieces. Ideal for a summertime wedding, the dress provides a mid calf length, a free flowing design, and short sleeves. 

Now, for a fun blue summertime wedding look, our HANDPICKED BY BIRDS Off The Shoulder Floral Dressis a great choice. The dress is off the shoulder with ruffle features across the bodice and sleeves, making it extra fun and little sassy!

You can pair either dress with our strappy VERALI Isabel Heel in nude and a STITCH & HIDE Lily Leather Clutch in dusty pink to create one killer summertime wedding look!

Gorgeous Dresses to Wear to an Autumn Wedding

With autumn leaves falling from the trees, this time of year is all about those warm-toned colours. From gold to maroon to burnt orange, there’s plenty of styling inspiration surrounding us.

Available in a striking rouge colour, the MOONLIGHT BIRD Kimberley Dress is a stylish option to wear to an autumn wedding. It’s V neckline, ruffled skirt and cape style sleeves also add to the appeal of the dress.

Another striking autumn wedding look is our Sunset BOHO BIRD Dancing With Birds Dress. This maxi style comes in an array of colours and is dramatised through embroidered white birds. How gorgeous!

Both dresses would go perfectly with the BIRD BY DESIGN the Drape Cardi and a pair of the MOLLINI Gessie Heels.

Wedding Outfits for Different Venues

The location of the wedding may also impact what you choose to wear.  To help you get an idea of what these different outfits may look like, check out our venue-specific styling inspiration below.

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

As a country surrounded by gorgeous surf and sand, it makes sense why beaches are a well-loved Australian wedding destination — especially during the summer months.

And, while a beach can be considered a pretty casual location, we wouldn’t suggest rocking up in shorts and t-shirt (unless the invite explicitly says to do so). Instead, why not live out your bohemian beach dreams with one of these gorgeous flowy dresses?

First up, we have the BOHO BIRD Tiers Of Joy Maxi Dress which elegantly combines a modern design with vintage bohemian style. The mixed patterns create such a lovely look — perfect for a beach wedding.

For a more casual option, the BOHO BIRD You Are A Firecracker Dress offers a relaxed boat neck style brought to life through punchy pinks and orange florals.

Complete your beachy wedding look with our DJANGO & JULIETTE Atha Sandal Flatforms and the KOORINGAL Tigerlily Wide Brim Hat.

What to Wear to a Church Wedding

When attending a church wedding, you generally must be dressed formally and conservatively.

Our elegant MOONLIGHT BIRD Sally Jumpsuit provides excellent coverage while still being ultra-chic. The sequin trim is an impressive touch and the jumpsuit style sets it apart from the rest.

Another stunning full coverage option is our BOHO BIRD Racy Lacey Knit Dress. It’s rich emerald green colour, long sleeves and maxi length is simply breathtaking. Plus, the sheer lace detailing and detachable belt, allow it to be formal, fashionable, and comfortable all at once.

This conservative ‘Winter Fairy’ style can be completed with a pair of THERAPY Millie Boots, a CONDURA Saddle Bag, PETER LANG Kacey Earrings, and a NAUDIC Agate Stone Bracelet

What to Wear to a Vineyard Wedding

Deciding what to wear to a vineyard wedding will often depend on the type of vineyard and the time of day. That said, a semi-formal look seems to be the most common choice.

Our THAT BIRD LABEL Madeline Kimono Dress will give you just the right amount of fun and sass while remaining suitable for a semi-formal occasion. Pair it with some cute jewellery and heels, and you’ll be ready to go!

For an extra fun vineyard look, our BOHO BIRD Dancing By Sunset Dress is ideal for you. The floral print, and tiered style with removable straps allows for plenty of movement while feeling cute and carefree.

What to Wear to a Hotel Wedding

Likewise, what you choose to wear to a hotel wedding will depend on the time of day and the specific venue. Most often, modern hotel settings tend to be accompanied by a modern semi-formal dress code.

Our BIRD BY DESIGN Lined Lapel Dress would be superb to wear to a hotel wedding. The stunning, polka dot 3/4 dress is ultra-flattering, undoubtedly leaving you feeling fab and ready to celebrate.

For a more youthful look, the BOHO BIRD An Easy Slip Dress is an exceptionally stylish option. Its khaki heavenly soft fabric is designed to be ultra flowy, providing maximum comfort and ultimate glam. TIP: Add a blazer if you need some extra warmth, like this WISH Persuit Blazer.

How to Transport Your Wedding Outfit

If you’re travelling to the wedding destination, you’ll want to consider how you’re transporting your outfit. Generally, a garment bag is recommended to help avoid wrinkles and creases. For more information about using a garment bag, watch the eHow “How to Pack Women’s Dresses to Prevent Wrinkles” Youtube video.

What to Wear to a Wedding in the Morning

Morning weddings usually hint towards wearing pastels such as beige-pink or baby blue.

Our MOONLIGHT BIRD Adriana Dress comes in a stunning pinkish shade, perfect for attending an early ceremony. This sleeveless, cutaway dress has a lovely halter neckline and gentle drape around the waist.

Another excellent morning option is our BOHO BIRD Boardwalk Stroll Dress. It’s floral, it’s feminine, and it’s super flattering.

What to Wear to a Wedding at Midday

Midday weddings tend to have a more relaxed dress code. To achieve the perfect blend between casual and wedding appropriate, take a look at the dresses below.

Our When Stars Align Dress is a simple yet eye-catching piece, that’ll have you feeling like a low-key fashionista. Its round neckline, and extended ¾ batwing sleeves bumps the dress up from an everyday look to one worth celebrating in.

For a bit of midday floral fun, our BOHO BIRD Land Of The Blue Seas Dress is an absolute winner. The sunflower hues can’t help but cause a smile — especially with the dress’s flattering V neckline.

What to Wear to a Wedding in the Evening

Evening weddings generally mean darker colours, like burgundy or navy.

Our MOONLIGHT BIRD Janelle Dress would be ideal for a nighttime wedding. The mix of metallic sheen and textured velvet fabric gives an instant glamorous look! But, not too extravagant that it would steal the show.

If you want something for a nighttime wedding, our MOONLIGHT BIRD Sandra Jumpsuit is a splendid choice. The soft stretch fabric flatters your figure and the fabulous sheer overlay adds that something extra special. This gorgeous piece comes in classic navy and black.

What to Wear to a Formal Wedding?

Generally, a formal dress code means longer dresses and more structured designs. You can usually think about these looks as being dresses you wouldn’t wear in your every day-to-day life. For some inspiration for what to wear to a formal wedding, check out the stunning dresses below.

What to Wear to an Informal Wedding?

In contrast, an informal dress code would typically involve wearing more casual dresses that you may potentially wear in your regular life (such as to a Sunday brunch). This might not be the case for everyone, but it should help give you a better sense of what you could wear to an informal wedding. To help you decide what to wear, check out the informal wedding outfit ideas below.

Keep in mind that with the right jewellery and a pair of shoes, your informal outfit can be made semi-formal if needed. For instance, adding heels instead of flats will make the outfit appear less casual.

Wedding Outfits for Different Age Groups

Often we hear people asking, “What should I wear to a wedding if I’m over 30? Or over 50?”. And while some may argue particular age groups should wear certain styles, we say wear what makes you feel good! After all, feeling comfortable and beautiful in what you’re wearing is the most important thing of all.

That said, if you do want to check out some inspiration for your general age group, we have a “Yummy Mummy”, “Yummy Granny”, and “Student Style” search filters that can help you find the best look for you. 

What NOT to Wear to a Wedding

Although we’re all about wearing what makes you feel good, certain items shouldn't be worn at a wedding out of respect for the couple. The general ‘wedding etiquette’ advice that you: 

  • Don’t wear white.
  • Don’t wear extravagant headpieces. 
  • Don’t wear thongs.
  • Don’t wear anything too bright, sparkly, or sequinned. 
  • Don’t wear anything too revealing.
  • Don’t wear denim.
  • Don’t wear shorts or t-shirts.

If you were to wear these items, it could unintentionally appear like you’re trying to “steal the spotlight” or disregard the importance of the couple’s special day. But, of course, in the instance that the invite says to bring a headpiece or wear denim, then go for it!

Wedding Outfits For Different Body Types

It’s no surprise that clothes look completely different on different body types. Dressing for your shape is all about flattering the parts you want to show off. Let’s take a look at which pieces may flatter your body the most.

If you’re still learning what body type you are, Our Style Profile will give you a fool-proof guide on how to dress for your body shape. You can also have a look at this great article,  “How to Determine Your Body Shape” for some extra tips.

Outfits for Apple-Shaped Bodies

Apple-shaped bodies look great in dark colours and flowy overlays.

Outfits for Hour-Glass-Shaped Bodies

Hour-glass shaped bodies suit an outfit that cinches at the waist.

Outfits for Pear-Shaped Bodies

Pear-shaped bodies look best in a style that enhances the lower body.

Outfits for Rectangle-Shaped Bodies

Rectangle-shaped bodies look great in ruffles, layered tops, and long jackets.

Outfits for Inverted Triangle-Shaped Bodies

Inverted triangle-shaped bodies look amazing in outfits that have V-necklines or a scoop neck.

At Birdnest, we want every woman to love the feather’s they are in, that’s why we’re proud to be a part of the Embrace movement. Read more about it here, “EMBRACE: Love the body you’re in”.

Wedding Outfit Shopping by Body Shape

In addition to usual search filters such as colour, size, and style, we also have various other options such as searching by body type. From ‘Small Boobs’ to ‘Round Tummy’ to ‘Cover Up Arms’, the shopping experience has truly never been so personalised!

Create a Personalised Style Profile

You can even create a ‘Style Profile’ to receive personalised style guides, weekly emails, and style recommendations that are suited to your measurements, personality, colour palette, preferred brands, and upcoming occasions.

Wedding Outfit Shopping Budget

Another useful search filter is the ability to select your price range. When looking through our Wedding Outfits Range, you can search with one of the below preferences: 

Doing so will help stick to your budget without distraction from pieces out of your price range. 

Ready to Shop For Your Wedding Outfit?

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to shop, head to our Wedding Outfit Range to begin your online browse or visit us in our store at 232 Sharp Street, Cooma NSW

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Love, the birdsnest girls x

UPDATED: This article was first published on 5th January 2021